Tre Fontane
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Welcome to Tre Fontane!

Tre Fontane is a charming seaside resort in the southwest of Sicily. The beach connecting the village to the sea goes on as a long stretch of golden sand, free from stones and rocks, running for about ten kilometers, joining with the beach of Torretta Granitola to the west and the beach in Triscina to the east .

Tre Fontane and Torretta Granitola has been awarded a "blue flag" which acts as a guarantee for high quality water and environmental management of the area.

The municipality of Campobello di Mazara reputated for combining high-quality tourist service with a well preserved coastal environment.

For those enjoying good food and drinks Tre Fontane offers a wide selection of restaurants and for those eager to stay up late there's a variety of nightclubs by the beach.

A holiday in Tre Fontane is ideal for those who love the sun, the beach and the Mediterranean Sea, as well as for those who want to visit historical sites of ancient culture.